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Thread: strict proxy information...?

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    smcgill Guest

    strict proxy information...?

    I know at one point I had asked how to feed the agent proxy information and the answer was that it looks @ the proxy info in IE. However, we would like to maintain more strict control over the proxy used in some situations, our product's purpose to enforce network security issue by policy... so we'd like to maintain strict control.

    The answer perfect answer to this problem would be the following :

    - flag to tell the agent to use IE's proxy info or not
    - a way to pass proxy information directly to the agent

    Is this a possibility w/ the agent now... can it be added as a new feature if not?


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    Currently, the Agent only reads the settings in IE.

    In the next release (late Sept), we will provide APIs for you to set the proxy information that is used by the Agent.
    Chris Woerner
    InstallShield Software

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