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Thread: VB.Net Project

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    kpowers@wppisys Guest

    VB.Net Project

    I'm trying to create a VB.Net project with InstallSheild Express 3.5 and I keep getting the following message. "Visual Studio .Net is not installed. You cannot run the Visual C# Project Wizard or Visual Basic .Net Project Wizard until Visual Studio .Net has been installed." I have Visual Studio .Net 2003 installed! Any ideas?


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    VB.NET not installed in the computer

    Hi There,
    I am getting the same error and I too have the same version like you have. I also noticed that you had posted this message a while back. Any success?

    Do you have a workaround for this issue? I would appreciate your help on this.

    I dont know what the problem is.

    Thanks in advance

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