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Thread: OS Return Code from Installer

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    aboondocksaint Guest

    OS Return Code from Installer

    I am trying to return an error level/return code from the installer. Example using a program to call he installer and the installer returns a code to the calling program(similiar to a batch file errorlevel)

    Thanks for your help.

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    Jeff Dillon Guest

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    thanks for the help,

    I have another question, if i set the Exit code , and do a system exit will it still be give back to the script or. is there any other preferred mode of ending the install in custom wizard bean.

    thanks a lot


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    Jeff Dillon Guest
    Searching for "exit code" on our KB gives the following article which describes what you should do.

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    tbird01 Guest

    Only for Batch File???? Help Please...

    For Win32, This KB article only mentions obtaining via an errolevel, which sounds like a batch file implementation. I need to obtain one applications return code from within another. Is this possible??? Inside App A, I set the return code. In App B, I perfrom a processWaitFor to kick off App A. The value returned here is not what was set in App A. I also tried a getExitCode, inside App B, this too is not the correct value I am needing. Again, is this possible?

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