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Thread: Write INSTALLDIR to ini with double slash

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    yes, it is of type 54 (vb script type) but still didnt work.

    btw, i did it using a custom action in installscript using functions StrReplace and MsiSetProperty to replace the slashes and write them to property values respectively. so it works now !

    thanks for ur reply anyways!

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    Hello All,
    I have implemented same in my installer.
    I have created a VBScript stored in property value - Custom action wherein I have written Session.Property("DOUBLE_DBBACKUP") = Replace( Session.Property("DATABASEBACKUP"), "\", "\\" ) in script section and property name as DOUBLE_DBBACKUP. So automatically this value was set in "value" section of property manager where I have defined this property "DOUBLE_DBBACKUP". DATABASEBACKUP is a property I have defined for taking values from the user from dialog.
    I want to find "DOUBLE_DBBACKUP" from xml config file and replace with directory entered by user i.e value in DATABASEBACKUP in my config file .
    But when I build it , I don't get any errors but during installation I get Error 1720(custom action script error). I have added CA in execute section after one of my custom action. Type is 54.

    Any suggestions?

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