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Thread: How 2 Include .rpt files in the setup installation pack?

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    chitrasm Guest

    Question How 2 Include .rpt files in the setup installation pack?


    I am generating reports using Crystal Reports in my VB application. I have used InstallShield Pro 5.5 to generate the set up. I installed this set up on client's pc, and realised that when i click on Print in my application , the reports are not seen.

    It was later that I found out that .rpt files were not included in the folder where the exe was stored after running the set up. How do I include this .rpt files before building the project using VB project wizard of IS?

    Also , how do I change my application's icon that appears in
    Start->Programs->My application

    Thanks n Regards

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    Jeff Dillon Guest
    This is the community for the MultiPlatform product. I believe that you meant to post to the Pro community.

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