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Thread: add/remove applet hangs after uninstall

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    pazurik Guest

    Question add/remove applet hangs after uninstall


    When I uninstall our app from the add/remove applet, the uninstall works fine but the add/remove applet hangs once the uninstall is finished. If uninstalling from other shortcut, it works fine.

    I've narrowed the problem down to a LaunchApp() call that is made. The call is made to restart the Palm HotSync manager. If I skip the LauchApp step, the applet does not hang. Also, if I close the Palm HotSync manager (after the setup ends and LauchApp succeeds) the add/remove un-hangs.

    The only reason that I suspect this is an IS 7.x issue is that this exact call has been working under IS 6.x for years now.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    pazurik Guest
    FYI, this same behaviour happens even if I launch notepad.exe during the uninstall. The add/remove applet hangs until I close the application that was launched.

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    Are you using the LAAW_OPTION_WAIT or WAIT flag when launching Notepad etc?

    Devin Ellingson
    InstallShield Software Corporation

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    pazurik Guest
    nope. I'm using LaunchApp() since I don't want the install to wait. Have also tried the LaunchAppAndWait() with LAAW_OPTION_NOWAIT

    The install is not waiting, it finishes as expected, it's only the add/remove applet that is locked until the launched app is closed. It's almost like the launched app is attached to the add/remove applet. Also, if I uninstall using shortcut and not using add/remove, all is fine.


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    Did you ever find a solution to this? I just ran into the exact same problem (w/HotSync even).

    A side note - it'll also hose a rebuild if you happen to be launching the installer from the IDE. Same cause, I'm sure.

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