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Thread: InstallShield 4.0 Question

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    dgpope Guest

    InstallShield 4.0 Question

    Let's say I have distributed an application to my customers via InstallShield Express 4.0.

    I now need to make some "Minor Enhancements" to my application. The enhancements require an update to the application .EXE file plus installing 2 additional files that were not previously installed in the original installation.

    Can I send out a patch that will update the .exe application file PLUS install these 2 new files needed for the enhancement to work?

    The goal here is not to have to ask my users to uninstall the original application because they have critical data that will be removed in the uninstall process.

    Remember it's just a "minor update." Will it work or is there a way to do this?


    David Pope

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    If you have Express 4.0 this is VERY easy. Forget about Minor upgrades. You can use the QuickPatch functionality to patch your setup. Simply:

    1. Open your setup project in Express 4.0
    2. Build -> This will have to be the build you send your customers. If you already have a release build, launch the Patch Wizard from the "Tools" menu and point at that msi file.
    3. Go to "Build Your Release" View
    4. Right click on the media you just built and select "create a quickpatch"
    5. Give the patch a project name and complete the wizard
    6. In the resulting QuickPatch project, go to Files View
    7. Drag and drop the file you want update from the upper panel to the lower panel. In the right pane, point at the file you want to replace it with.
    8. Right click in the lower panel and add the two new files
    9. Build

    You've got Patch!
    Chandima Rajakaruna
    Macrovision Corporation

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