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Thread: MSI problems: Errors 1607 and 1719 ?

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    nickgloe Guest

    Question MSI problems: Errors 1607 and 1719 ?

    Hello Installshield Gurus!
    I'm having strange issues with a 7.0 Installshield project surrounding MSI, and I come to seek your wisdom.

    I get the following errors intermittantly:

    #1) Error 1607 - Unable to Install InstallShield Scripting Runtime
    #2) Error 1719, 'The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed';en-us;Q315346

    The errors seems to occur after the first installation, and then intermittantly after I re-register "msiexec /regserver" to get the installer to work again. Sometimes I get error #1, and other times I get error #2.

    Some information about my project:

    My release (A standard project bundled as a Setup.exe) does package the MSI and Installshield Engines with it.

    It launches one wse installer package and 2 other Installshield setups during its installation.

    It does some upgrade logic from the OnBegin Event function.

    Does anyone know how I can pin down where or how msi and the installer engine seem to get unregistered in my installer project?

    Thanks in advance!

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    smarep Guest

    Same problem here - HELP

    I got this problem with a standard project on one Windows 2000 machine.

    I followed teh steps and ran msiexec / regserver

    it happened again...what is causing it?


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    nickgloe Guest
    I eventually called installshield about this, and they were unable to diagnose it. They suggested it might have something to do with the nested installs that i had in my project, but it's not certain.

    The only thing I could do to fix it was to upgrade to 7.04. This seemed to clear it up, but I ended up seeing MSI reboot problems.

    Let me know if you discover anything else. Good luck!

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    smarep Guest

    About error 1719

    I am using ISD 7.02 and don;'t want to upgrade as we are in middle of production cycle.

    We get this error on rebooting installation. I have custom actions in OnRebooted event.

    After this error message comes, the custom actions are not performed. Then I can't even remove it from ARP applet. followed the instrctions on MSDN to re-register MSI service.

    I could remove it now. But every time, I run my installl, same problem.

    IS support is telling me to move to ISD 7.04 ? but u r mentioining MSI reboot problems. Can you help me with some info here?

    Thanks for the post...


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    nickgloe Guest
    I remember reading in the IS knowledge base (search for 1607) that these errors are seen sometimes when there are custom actions. Beyond that, IS didn't really have a clue as to why.

    The reboot problems I ended up seeing in 7.04 were at least cleaner than the 1607 or 1719 errors. I would get an Installshield prompt for reboot on some systems because it upgraded Windows installer even though it shouldn't have.

    I can't say if this would happen in your circumstance though.
    Nonetheless, If your installer is allowed to reboot the system and the 7.04 reboots happen, it may be the lesser of the 2 other evil bugs.

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