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Thread: New errors installing on 2kpro

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    New errors installing on 2kpro

    Hi Everyone,
    I have a project that was completed and running until I tried to install it on a 2kpro w/s. I am getting 3 1904 errors (implode.dll, p2bdao.dll, & vb5db.dll) and 1 3633 error (msjter35.dll). They all have the "Never Overwrite" box checked. Why is this still happening?

    Thanks In Advance.

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    Do a search for "msjter35" in this community. There's lots of entries. Call back if reqd.


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    What version of Express are you using? Are you using any Crystal Reports merge modules or are these files you added directly? Also what happens if you try to manually register these files on the target machine? If Regsvr32 gives errors it be that some files that these are dependent on are missing from your setup.
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