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Thread: Verification that a TRANSFORM was applied

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    DantheMan Guest

    Question Verification that a TRANSFORM was applied

    I love this discussion database.
    Finally I have someone to talk to about packaging.

    Does anyone know how to verify (from the client side) that a TRANSFORM had been applied with the install?

    I know I could check for the data the transform applied.
    But is there a better method?

    Nothing appears in the event log.

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    I would assume that you'll be able to search for the GUID in the mst package. If not maybe you can include a unique registry entry in your mst package.

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    In addition, during the install you can create a log file which can clearly tell you that a given transform was applied.

    Also, you can check the client machine's <windowsfolder>\Installer subfolder, you will notice that the transform has been cached.

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    DantheMan Guest

    Smile Thank you for the tip

    The installer directory will do just fine.
    I did not even think about looking there.


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