View Full Version : Troubles in Developer 7.0

07-31-2002, 10:41 AM
I don't know if any of you had similar problems:

I migrated an InstallShield professional- project to Developer 7.0
and I had problems running the setup on a system that runs with
Windows-Installer 1.1. Although I thought the Installer 2.0 would be loaded from the source, the setup-program wouldn't launch.

My solution was:
I've downloaded the maintenance Pack via Update from the Help-Menu of the Developer. It seems as if the files: instmsiw.exe
and instmsia.exe were replaced. Now I can run the setup
on my desired target-system that hasn't got installed msiexec 2.0..

Another nice sideeffect:
I was always bothered by the many .cab-Files produced
by custom-Install when I want to exclude some features
from compression. With the update you receive here another
option: one cab per feature or one cab per component.
So it is possible (for example in the setup-design)
to add several components to a feature that
would make up one cab..


Jeremy Ince