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07-31-2002, 10:30 AM
What is the best practice for installing products that can be installed individually or as part of a suite? This is something analogus to Microsofts Office Products.

What I have are three applications that can be installed separately (different times) or togehter (a suite).

I was thinking that I would create Merge Module Projects for each application. Then, create a Standard Project for each (individual install) and a Standard Project for the suite. Each application has different registry settings and icons for launching.

There is also going to be an install for the MSDE2000 database instance that all applications access either locally or remotely. The database will be installed locally if installation takes place from the CD's. An admin setup will move the setup from CD to server for shared database access and will configure the installation to leave out the local database install.

I know this can get complicated if a user installs an individual app then uses the suite installation to install all three.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


08-01-2002, 02:36 AM
I would reccommend creating 3 seperate MM's for each group of your components.

This way, you can either create one main 'wrapper' program which will install all 3 MM's, or you can create a seperate program for each that will only install one MM at a time.

But make sure you test very thoroughly because if you can have a combination of different programs installing different version of MM this can get very confusing, and from my experince a lot of testing from the beginning will save you heaps and heaps of time down the track.

You might also want to produce a few versions of higher version numbers to replicate later version of your products and test with these as well to check that upgrades work correctly. :)