View Full Version : Win2000 environment variable setting

07-30-2002, 11:06 AM
This is a question on the Windows 2000 platfrom.

I have an installer that sets some environment variables. It sets them based on what the user chooses, "All Users" or "Current User Only" option during the installation. If user selects All Users, they env. vars. get added to the system table. If user selects current user only, they get added to the user env. variable table.

The question I have concerns a reboot at the end of the install. I was under the impression (just through user experience) that in Windows2000, there was no need for a reboot after setting environment variables...they would take effect immediately. However, I had a couple of users say this didn't seem the case.

When the env. vars were added to the system, the program couldn't find the variables. So this one particular user quit the program, moved the variables to the user section, applied, then reran. It worked fine. I would suspect it so since he hit the "apply" button, which always did the trick in NT4 and 2000. But my concern is that it didn't work immediately, yet I swear I thought it was so.

Maybe it only works immediately when the variables are put into the user section?

Any help, answers/suggestions or pointers of places to look on the web would be appreciated!