View Full Version : How to hide SdLicense dialog so user can see installation taking place?

07-29-2002, 09:27 PM
Please help.

I use the folllowing code to incorporate a end user license agreement into my wizard.

//Creates a End User License Agreement //

#define LICENSE_PATH SUPPORTDIR^"ProveMR License.txt"
#define TITLE "End User License Agreement"

// Include Isrt.h for built-in InstallScript function prototypes.

function ExFn_SdLicense(hMSI)
STRING szTitle, szMsg, szQuestion;

// Disable the Back button in setup dialogs.

// Set up the variables to pass as parameters to SdLicense.
szMsg = "Please read the following license agreement. Use " +
"the scroll bar to view\nthe rest of this agreement.";
szQuestion = "Select Yes to accept the agreement.\n" +
"Select No to cancel the setup.";

// Display the SdLicense dialog box.
if (SdLicense (TITLE, szMsg, szQuestion, LICENSE_PATH) = YES) then
MessageBox ("Continue with the installation.", INFORMATION);



The code is then called as a custom action. The problem I have is:

Once the user selects "yes" they agree with our company terms and conditions, the installation takes place. The user can not see this as the SdLicense dialog is still displayed. How do i ensure this dialog shuts down when the user selects yes so they can see the installation process?

Please help.

07-30-2002, 01:27 AM