View Full Version : Jet 4.0 Merge Module error

Tim Mayert
07-29-2002, 03:09 PM
I have the Jet 4.0 Merge Module in my project and during the install I will get the following error message:

Error Executing Action

CONFIGDRIVER: Unable to configure ODBC driver Microsoft Access Driver ( *mdb):
Could not load the setup or translator library

Is there anything I need to make sure is on the system before this merge module is executed?

What can I do to get rid of this error?

Also I heard that there is a bug in turning off features that contain merge components. What I heard was that if a feature that contains a merge module is turned off that the merge module is still installed. Is this true and if so when will this bug be fixed?

07-30-2002, 03:22 AM
Hi Tim,

what kind of operating system do you use ?
On NT-Machines you must install perhaps MDAC-Merge-Modul before installing the Jet-Engine.
Until MDAC 2.52 all ODBC-Drivers are included. At MDAC 2.60 the ODBC-Drivers are included in the Jet-Engine.
On Windows 2000/SP2 the MDAC 2.52 is part of the operating system and therefor also the ODBC-drivers.
Please look at MSDN-Homepage for MDAC-Downloads, there is a very detailed description of the MDAC-Versions und the Jet-Engine

Good luck


07-30-2002, 03:55 AM
Hi Tim,

I have forgotten, to answer your question about conditionell installating of Merge-Modules. My Experience about MDAC-MM's is, that you cannot control the installation simple by installscript-code, because before your UI-Code is reached, the MDAC is installed. This behavior is MM-dependent or better is designed by the company, which has create the MM. For the Jet-Engine-Install-Behavior i have no experience, you must test it.
The only way to control an installation, such as MDAC, is, to directly modify the MM with the Direct-Editor, but this is heavy work, becuase of no doku (I have done this for an MSDE-MM).
There are two solutions, that are better to control:
1) Download the Jet-Engine-Setup from MS
Check the registry, if Jet is installed. If not, launch the setup from your main-setup
2) Build a child-setup for Jet-Engine
Check the registry, if Jet is installed. If not, call child-setup with DoInstall() from your main setup.

Hope this helps