View Full Version : Where to place the MSISetProperty and FeatureSetTarget function calls???

Tim Mayert
07-29-2002, 10:35 AM
I would like to know at what point the MSISetProperty and FeatureSetTarget functions should be called in the InstallShield script.

I have noticed that some of the properties that I have to get from the users are not getting set in the registry, even though the functions are made correctly.

The ones that do work are the ones that are set earlier on in the script, like ones that I have in the OnBegin event.

Is it safe to say that any property set before any files are transfered will be set properly and any that are set after the first files are moved will not be set correctly?

Could someone let me know the last step/function/event that properties can be set so that I can make sure all properties/targets are set properly.