View Full Version : error with silent install of a "basic MSI project"

07-27-2002, 08:24 PM
I have a Basic MSI project which works fine when installing it. When I want to perform a silent install it doesn't work. The problem is that it can't execute an action anymore. The action calls a C++ EXE with some command line arguments.

I turned on the logging but I only see which action doesn't work and that there is a 1722 error. But I don't really know what is going.

Anyone a suggestion how to troubleshoot this? How are these EXE's executed in the silent install?

There is also one other funny behavior. The install creates a COM+ application and adds several components. In the silent install all of them are added, but with no DLL and name associated. How can I troubleshoot this? This is again created by executing a C++ EXE. So it seems to have the same root cause.