View Full Version : BUG: CD-ROM install from C:; error 1706 no valid source!

07-27-2002, 07:10 PM
Standard project, 7.04.

If I:

1) Create a new standard project, CD-ROM release type
2) copy CD-ROM install to a local hard drive.
3) Install the product.
4) Rename (or delete) the local hard drive directory containing the files.
5) select Add/Remove programs, and modify to add more features.

I get a dialog which explains the file cannot be found (understandably) with RETRY and CANCEL buttons. CANCEL leads to 1706 no valid source, and the install terminates.

What If I want to specify an alternative location, shouldn't I also get a chance to do this? I appreciate it's a CD-ROM, but many users will copy the CD-ROM files to a network or local hard drive which may subsequently get deleted, renamed or whatever.

This a bug.

However If I create MSI project, I get the correct dialog asking for the MSI path/disk.

I need to fix this ASAP.