View Full Version : Installing SP4 trashes Outlook

07-27-2002, 06:44 PM
I have done this twice with the same results both times.

I installed SP4 on top of SP 3 and after the installation completed (it went well with no errors) when I open Outlook 2002 and clicked on Reply or New, I get an error saying that Word is busy or cannot be found. Word is set as my default email editor. I tried to do a system restore (WIN XP) and it failed. I had to restore the entire OS from a backup to fix this problem.

When I did it a second time, ISDEV was trashed so I uninstalled it and installed ISDEV 7 from my original install CD. I then had to install SP2. Then it let me install SP4. Again installation proceeded with no errors, again Outlook had the same problem and again I had to restore entire OS from backup to fix the problem.

ISDEV 7.04 works fine (prior to my restoring the OS from teh backup) and OUTLOOK seems to work fine except for that one glitch.

After restoring the OS, if I try to run ISDEV it goes into an install loop. It says it cannot find the MSI file. when I click cancel it undoes then redoes the process again. It will not let me out of the install window even with repeatedly clicking on cancel. I have to use task manager to kill the installation task.

Mattie Casper
09-19-2002, 09:49 AM
This is just a "Me, too" bump, as I had this exact same behavior happen to me, but I haven't yet been reduced to restoring my operating system. Immediately after installing InstallShield Developer 7.04 on Win2k, my Outlook 2000 and Word 2000 integration would no longer work. Outlook works fine. Word works fine. But using Word as an email editor with Outlook fails with:

"This form requires Word as your e-mail editor, but Word is either busy or cannot be found. The form will be opened in the Outlook editor instead."

I wish I knew what InstallShield was installing or destroying that would cause this problem-- it's awfully frustrating. Does anyone know a remedy for this?

09-19-2002, 10:31 AM
I had a similar issue after installing SP4, upon launching ISdev, it would loop with msi errors. I performed a Repair from add/remove programs right after the update to SP4 and things seemed to be fine after.

Don't know if it will solve the issue, but doing a repair on ISDev might be worth a shot since it is a lot more painless then an OS reinstall...


09-19-2002, 11:24 AM
So that's what it was!! This same problem happened to me when I went from 7.0 to 7.4, although, at the time I did not see the correlation. I had switched domains the same day and assumed it had something to do with that.

This was an incredibly frustrating problem. Repairing Outlook did not fix the problem for me. Neither did reinstalling, or removing and then reinstalling. That and some other problems finally convinced me that it was time to burn my machine down and start anew.

Sorry I've got no fix for it. I was surprised Technet had not even a trace of this problem. I guess that is why.


09-19-2002, 02:13 PM
So that's where that came from! Here's another "that happened to me too!". i thought i had done something, but then this new computer they gave me at work has some other problems, so i chalked it up to miscellanous. Now it seems the problem might be narrowed down to installshield.