View Full Version : MSJTER35.DLL problem in WinXP

07-26-2002, 11:08 AM
I am using InstallShield Express 3.03. I have an application made in VB6.0 SP5, that uses MS DAO 3.5 for accessing mdb files. I have created a setup using InstallShield and it works fine in Win 2000, 98, but for some reason it causes problems in Windows XP.

If try to open a database file I get an error saying that windows can't execute MSJTER35.DLL. When I made a research I found out that this DLL file isn't installed on my Win XP machine, neither did any of the InstallShield project scans listed it in the list of files that should be installed. I have tried static, dynamic scans and VB import wizard for several times, but it didn't put that file on the list.

I can simply put that file on the list manually, but how can I know this is the only file that InstallShield forgot to put in my setup, or is there any special problem related to DAO 3.5, MSJTER35.DLL and InstallShield Express?

I am catching my deadline, so I would really appreciate any help I get. Thanks in advance,

Blaz Ziherl