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Aaron Young
07-25-2002, 10:34 PM
Can someone please tell me whether it's possible to create a Major upgrade which is applied via a Patch (Update.exe)?

I have tried several times, even with a single EXE test install package and the Patch moves through the motions, but never actually updates the EXE.

My Setup:

Installing a Single EXE within a Single Component within a Single Feature.

Package A is generated with Prod. Ver. 1.00.0000
Package B is generated with Prod. Ver. 2.00.0000

Both have different Package and Product Codes, they also have the same Upgrade Code.

I have a single entry in the Upgrade table as follows:

Ver. Min.: 1.00.0000
Ver. Max: 3.00.0000
Language: Empty
Attributes: 1793 (Also tried 1025)
ActionProperty: OLDPRODUCTS

I build both packages, then generate a Patch.
Install Package A, EXE is installed without issue.
Apply Patch, Patch Welcome appears (suggesting upgradable product was detected.), Click Update, generates operations script, then jumps to removing backup files and Finish, where it says Update completed successfully.

However, when checking EXE the file has NOT been updated.

If I install Package B, then it detects Package A, removes it, then installs itself, which is exactly what I'd expect.

If I change the Product Codes in the Package to be the same and product a Minor Upgrade Patch, it works fine.

If someone is able to perform Major upgrades via a Patch, please let me know how my attempt differs from yours.

I've also attached a log from the Patch application in case it helps anyone who's interested in heling me out.


- Aaron.

07-26-2002, 01:55 AM
I am not positive on this, but if you are doing an major upgrade, shouldn't you not be using an upgrade, not a patch?

Aaron Young
07-26-2002, 07:08 AM

Thanks for your reply...
If that is the case, then I can accept that, but, to me, the Documentation seems a little vague on this point, it seems to suggest you should be able to do this using Windows Installer v1.1+

I'm not really doing a Major Upgrade, but, I want to be able to give each of my Packages a different Product Code, because I want my users to be able to install the newer versions over existing ones and the only way to do this seems to be with a Major Upgrade. However, I want to be able to give my users small downloads which they can apply as an alternative to installing the full package over an existing install.

- Aaron.