View Full Version : isdev 7.04 problems

07-25-2002, 04:41 PM
I just started using 7.04 and I am notcing a lot of probelms. Just wanna know if anyone else has run into these

Dev time probs:
1. IDE keeps crashing
2. While trying to add files in "Setup Files" view, I repeatedly get errors saying" Out of string space"

Runtime probs:
1. Files added to "Setup Files" do not get cleaned up when install is finished(errors out, cancel out, or successful install). The attributes on these files are normal.

Annoying probs:
1. Annoying little issue: right click on any view item such as add new feature, then left click on developer title bar reveals the right click button menu for the title bar
2. When editing a value for which a "String table entry" is required, clicking in the description area causes the highlight of your edit field to snap to the last row. Example: attempt to populate "Author" in SIS screen. Left click in the description box causes the focus to jump to "Schema"

Carsten Segieth
07-26-2002, 09:24 AM
please try again after you have REPAIRed the dev7.04 installation itself (from the ARP menu).
This might help also for this problem, for me it REPAIRed an IDE crash problem. But don't worry about the message that "... is is successfully uninstalled ..." at the end of the repair.