View Full Version : Error 1324 caused by change in locale

Mike Coldewey
07-25-2002, 02:26 PM
A user got a 1324 error trying to install our product:
"Error 1324. The path <path> contains an invalid character"
where <path> was the value of one of the string variables in our install specifying either a registry key or a directory (I'm not sure yet which). Anyway, it turns out that they were installing on a machine that had the locale (regional settings) set to Simple Chinese. When they set the settings back to English the install worked OK.
So, my question is, is this a problem that I need to purchase the east-west pack for, or is there a workaround for this within IS 7.02? Are there characters that are forbidden in other scripts - I think that the character being flagged as illegal is the registered trademark symbol[®]. Is it just a matter of working around this by changing the relevant strings?