View Full Version : caution: IDE's "test release" functionality

07-25-2002, 08:42 AM
the IDE's "test release" functionality (see "build" menu) behaves unexpectedly.

there has been several threads concerning "msi command line arguments" both, in the "release" view and at the command line, setup.ini contents, setup.exe command lines, etc.
the whole issue is quite confusing, actually. when trying out the various paths and parameters i almost went mental, as the subsequent executions always behaved unexpectedly.

i finally realised i was using the build menu's "test release" function, recently. well, if you go to the "release" view of a "basic MSI project", then pick "releases -> Conf01 -> Rel01" you get a table where you can set/override various parameters. one of those parameters is called "MSI command line arguments". you can use this to customize your setup.

/L*v C:\var\log\myprog.log BYPASS_SECURITY="YES"
the above code will enable some verbose logging and will set the public property BYPASS_SECURITY, for example.

when you build your release these command line settings will be added to the "setup.ini" file.

now, when you "test" your setup package, this file doesn't get used, at all. so you might have two totally different behaviours whether you actually "run" or "test" your setup.
in my case the BYPASS_SECURITY flag (which was dropped when running the test) had some very important on the setup execution flow.

cheers, graven (IS dev 7.04)