View Full Version : Major Update = Major Confusion...

Aaron Young
07-25-2002, 07:28 AM
Up until this point, I've been updating installations through
Major Upgrade (Using a Basic MSI Package.),
so when you install a new package it detects the old one,
removes it, then installs the new one...
This all works fine.

Now, I want to be able to generate smaller "Patch" files
which will essentially perform the same task of moving the
install from one version to the next, however, for some
reason, I cannot get a Major Patch to work.

I Change the Package Code, Product Code and Product Version,
I also have an entry in the Upgrade table.

The Patch finds the existing install and launches the Patch
Welcome dialog and proceeds to "appear" to update the
installation, however, nothing actually gets updated.

Now, when I change the install to use the Same
Product Code and Build a Patch (Which is now a Minor Upgrade),
it will work.

I really need to update the Product Code, so that I can use
Either the full MSI package or the Update.exe to
upgrade installations.

I would be very gratefull for any help, or even an
explaination of why my Major Upgrade Patches aren't working.

Thank you.

- Aaron.