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07-25-2002, 05:29 AM

I am in the process of Writing a Small Update Package for an existing product.

Product History:
v1.0 - ISExpress v3.x
v1.1 - ISExpress v3.x
v1.1 Hotfix 1 - ISExpress v3.x
v1.1 Hotfix 2 - ISDeveloper v7.04

I must now put together Hotfix3 using ISDeveloper. The current Issue is that when I put together, with all the changed files in a new MSI package. When I try to install it , it says that I must remove the exisiting version of the product,
How do I make it just remove specific files and replace them with newer versions - 4 files.

Must you keep the component/feature names the same in ALL packages. ????

I have only changed the Package Code , I didn't change the
Product code / Upgrade Code.

Also The product version is moving from v1.01.002 -> v1.01.003

I have used IS Express in the Past but have :confused: NO experience with Developer :(


Fabio Pagano
07-25-2002, 09:46 AM
Try a look at