View Full Version : VS.NET integration problems

07-25-2002, 02:25 AM
I have a VS.NET solution which contains all my projects and an InstallShield project.
I have added al my projects to Source control. Now I encounter the following problems:

1) When extracting the solution from SourceSafe on a clean machine (all project files removed), the InstallShield Developer project is not retrieved from SourceSafe because it wants the ISM file instead of the ISV file.

2) I used Developer outside of VS.NET and checked in all my files to SourceSafe. Then I opened the project in VS.NET and made some changed. All the tables and ISV files where checked out. When I tried to make a build, I got a message that the ISM file was Read Only. The Read Only was set by Developer when checking in the project.

3) I opened the solution on another machine and had problems with the SourceControl bindings for the Developer project in VS.NET.

I think that the VS.NET integration should focus on the ISV file and the table files as the primary files and then make a ISM file which is used in the IDE and during the build.
Escpecially when 'getting' a project from SourceSafe.
Any other solution is also welcome as long as it is working properly. I like the integration but it is not fully functional yet.