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07-24-2002, 08:53 AM
I originally posted this to the wrong forum and so am now posting this here:

I am uprgading a previous version of our product, and when it goes to remove the old files, it comes up with the SdFilesInUse dialog, listing no applications, but rather, another sentance that says "The following applications should be closed before continuing the installation". (See the attached screenshot).

What could be causing the installer to list this sentance as an app to be closed?


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InstallScript does not provide a built-in function named SdFilesInUse; this must be defined in your script or in a #included file. Check SdFilesInUse's script code to determine the cause of this problem.

InstallShield Software Corporation

-------------------- My next reply ------------------------------

Sorry Mark and others, I should have provided more information!! The project being Upgraded (Major Upgrade) was made with Developer 7.01 and is a Basic MSI project.

My understanding is that the InstallValidate action is the action that will cause the FilesInUse dialog to be shown. BUT, in the installer that runs the Major Upgrade, I have the InstallValidate action's condition set to 0. This indicates to me that it is the removing product's installer that is getting run (the cached installer in c:\WINNT\Installer), and it is this that is causing the InstallValidate action to bring up the FilesInUse dialog.

So, I am STILL wondering what would caause a Basic MSI project, on uninstall, to bring up the dialog in the fashion shown in the screenshot. There is no Install Script code that I can look at, as far as I know, since this is a Basic MSI project that is triggering this dialog to be shown?? Right??

I would like to know if, perhaps, the FilesInUse dialog can come up because something is using DLLs or processes that are not associated with any running application that the system can show. For example, if I open the Task Manager, I can see that many more 'Processes' are running than 'Applications'. Maybe it is one of these processes that are not attahced to an application per se that is causing the FilesInUse dialog to show???