View Full Version : Repair and 1628 error

07-23-2002, 04:01 PM
This project has bee around since NOV 2001 and repair was working fine. Now I'm getting the error 1628 when I run setup.exe and try to repair. If I go to Add/Remove Programs and try repair, nothing happens. I've read post about people having problems with installing for the first time and having this error. But going to 7.03 is not an option. WE are too close to release and there seems to be alot of problems still with 7.03. Here is part of a post that someone left back in DEC 2001 but they didnt leave the info of what they did. Please information will be helpful.

"Found another more recent post today (dec 10) by mingbiaofei and he descibed
an installshield bug which is causing our problem. I have already updated my
project and repair works now. Why couldn't there support desk tell me this
last week when i first entered the incident with them? :( "

I guess I can always remove the repair option from Maintenance like I have done with other projects but I'm tired of just removing things that don't work and not getting a fix to the problem.