View Full Version : Patch, with .msp file, not update.exe

07-23-2002, 01:32 PM
I have a Basic MSI project that uses some installscript. I'm making a minor upgrade patch for it.

I don't want an update.exe file, just a .msp file, but the patch wizard doesn't allow me to deselect update.exe generation.

I can generate releases for my project that doesn't use a setup.exe, just a .cab and a .msi, so it doesn't seem like I would really need a .exe launcher.

Why is the patch wizard doing this to me, and is there a good workaround? I'm considering grabbing the .msp file from the temporary directory before Developer can compress it into update.exe.

The update.exe is 2.3 megs and the .msp is only 1.8 megs. For frequent patching that's going to make a huge difference. I have selected to download installscript from an url if it would be needed (which it won't be, since installscript is used by and was installed by the main setup). If I include installscript, the update.exe grows to 2.9 megs, 60% larger than the bare .msp file.


07-23-2002, 04:54 PM

As long as both Project A and Project B are Basic MSI projects, the Patch Generation Wizard should allow you to deselect the option to generate an update.exe file. This will result in an MSP file being generated, as you desire.

07-23-2002, 05:11 PM
They are both Basic MSI projects. I used to be able to patch with a .msp file only - what has changed is that I added some installscript to both projects and installed the 7.04 patch.

I'm not sure which of those caused .msp based patching to stop working, and I invested some time into the installscript (see the thread about special upgrade dialog) so I would prefer to be able to keep installscript in the installation project and still patch with .msp.