View Full Version : Handling Major Upgrades

07-18-2002, 10:22 AM
If I have v1.0 installed and using the update service, it has a product code which has been written to the registry for the app to read at startup. When I create v2.0 I change the product code/package code/version because this is a new release and I need to perform an uninstall first.
How does the Update Service know that the new release is there since the product code has changed?


Chris Woerner
08-01-2002, 03:59 PM
I will assume that you are using Developer when I answer this question. The answer will be different if you are using Express or Professional.

So you have product code A, version 1.0 installed and it uses the Update Service. Life is good. When you build product code B, version 2.0, you use something calledan upgrade code to relate the two products together. So when you install product code B, version 2.0, MSI will search for previously installed applications with the upgrade code. If found, the old products will be uninstalled first. All that is done outside of the Update Service. The Update Service is only used to help deliver and run the setup for product B, version 2.0.

Of course, your product B, version 2.0 will have to update the registry setting that the Update Service uses.

There is a good help topic on creating Major Upgrades in the Developer help.