View Full Version : Transforms for Installshield Adminstudio 3.01

Ole Nielsen
07-17-2002, 03:28 AM
Problems with the seriel number. Syntax ? I have tried xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx and <xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx> and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. But it says wrong seriel number when i install with the transforms ?

When i Validate the MSI fil i get 1 Error ?

Ole Nielsen
07-19-2002, 07:46 AM
Transform made whit Wise Installtailor. Som new property fields are requeret. ProductID=XXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXX and ProductID=XXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXX, your shout then leave PIDTemplates alone.

But is still get 1 error when i validate Installshield Adminstudio.MSI

Validation started at 19-07-2002 14:40:51 ...
Original Msi file - \\abklic01\packets\Build\Installshield_adminstudio_301_10\InstallShield AdminStudio 3.0 Professional.msi
Transform file - \\abklic01\packets\Build\Installshield_adminstudio_301_10\InstallShield AdminStudio 3.0 Professional.mst

ICE57 ERROR Component 'agent.exe.C3A146F5_4B48_11D5_A819_00B0D0428C0C' has both per-user and per-machine data with a per-machine KeyPath.

Validation Completed. InstallShield Tuner has detected the following for InstallShield AdminStudio 3.0 Professional.msi & InstallShield AdminStudio 3.0 Professional.mst - 0 info(s) 0 warning(s) 1 error(s)