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07-03-2002, 05:36 AM
I need some HELP please, to use the silent mode (with no end user interface) to update my application.
I created a Basic MSI installation with a msp patch with Installshield Developer 7.03.

To run an update silently (with no end user interface), the Installshield Update service SDK Help says to call the AutoUpdate method in the application putting the bSilent parameter to TRUE.

I tried to do that, but it does not work, nothing happens, it connects to the service, but no message appears, no update is launched.

However, when i call the same AutoUpdate method with the bSilent parameter to FALSE, all works fine!
I get the minimum UI asking for downloading the patch (as i specified in the Update service message) then, the installation process is lauched silently because of the command line i specified: /qn REINSTALL=All REINSTALLMODE=omus
everything is ok here.

When i read the SDK help, it says that to run an update silently, u also need to create the message and select "Automatic Software Update" type in the first step.

I use the trial version and get only two choice for type: Software Application update or Informational Message.

- where can i find this type?

- Is there anything to add or specify in the application code (C++) to run the silent mode?


Chris Woerner
07-05-2002, 09:11 AM
When customers are trying to get silent updating to work, I always recommend a three stop process.....

1. Start by getting AutoUpdate to work with the bSilent parameter to FALSE. This will display a minimal UI showing that the Update Service found your update and the download progress. You did this. This means that your update message is setup properly and your call to AutoUpdate is working.

2. Get the Update Service portion of the update process to run silently. Meaning, the download will be silent. Then, the Update Service will launch the patch. The patch will open with its UI. To do this, just switch the bSilent parameter to TRUE. This tells the Update Service to do the download silently. At this point, still don't put any commanline parameters in the update message to launch the patch silently.

During the download you can display your own progress (for testing) using code like the following....

Private Sub pAgent_OnProgressChanged(ByVal nBytes As Long,
ByVal nPercent As Long, ByVal strTransferRate As String,
ByVal strTimeRemaining As String)
' Code to display the data passed to the arguments by the Agent.
End Sub

3. The final step is to add parameters to the message to get the patch to run silently. With everything being done silently, you won't see anything happen.

Chris Woerner
07-05-2002, 10:04 AM
I just reviewd our current opens issue list. I want to add two known issues that are probably affecting your ability to test.

1. Updates built as MSP files are not working with the bSilent parameter set to TRUE. That is a bug in our current release that prevents the client from finding the MSP file on your web or file server. The MSP files will work with bSilent set to FALSE.

2. Commandline with a quotation mark ("): All parameters listed after the " are being cut-off.

As you are trying to build a silent MSP update, these issues will prevent your testing. Please be assured that these issues have already been relsolved and will be included in our next release. If you desire, you can get a Beta build of our next release to complete your testing.

If you are interested in this build, please email the Update Service team directly at: updateservice@installshield.com