View Full Version : Can you extend the Update service interface ? (urgent)

07-02-2002, 12:08 PM

I have a product which has a license key. I would like to use the Live Update service as a feature, and I have some related questions:

1) Can I authenticate a user with the license key of his product ?
That means that the product should send the license key to my server in silent mode without any interaction from the user through your server.

2) After the user has authenticated how can he send the informations about his product (which component are installed, how is configured, etc.) !!! in a file !!!, to my webserver ?

3) Can Update Service Server colect files from clients and redirect these files to another server?

If this is not possible how can I realize these things ? Can you extend the Live Update interface for me ? If the answer is yes how much does it cost and how long it takes ? If these informations are confidential please write me an email, because it's very important to me.