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Eric Thomas
07-01-2002, 02:01 PM
We at InstallShield are in the process of standardizing all of our online help systems, and we would appreciate your input.

1. Currently, the AdminStudio Help Library organizes procedural/task-based help together under one top-level section in the Contents tab, and all conceptual information is organized in another top-level section. Help Libraries for other InstallShield products are organized by topic areas at the top-level with conceptual and procedural information under each topic area.

For example, here is a current sample of the AdminStudio help implementation:

AdminStudio Concepts
---Repackaging Concepts
------Repackaging Methodologies
------Repackaging Best Practices
------Clean Systems
[and so on]

AdminStudio Procedures & Tasks
---Repackaging Tasks
------Running the Repackager Remotely
------Excluding Files from Analysis
------Deleting Setups from the Repackaging List
[and so on]

Other InstallShield help systems would use the following organization for the same topics as follows:

---Tell Me About
------Repackaging Methodologies
------Repackaging Best Practices
------Clean Systems
---How Do I
------Run Repackager Remotely
------Exclude Files from Analysis
------Delete Setups from the Repackaging List

Would organization such as the preceding help or hinder your ability to find information you need as quickly as you need it?

Also, we would like to know:

2. How do you currently locate specific information in the help?

3. What specifically would you change about the current help structure to make it easier to find specific information?

Thank you for taking the time to provide us feedback!

07-09-2002, 06:14 AM
I think I prefer the current AS way. As to why, well I often read the concepts of a new system/package I will be using and infrequently go back to them. So I think I would prefer to have the concepts together and the how to do it sections together so I can work through those as needed.

I tend to try looking under the how to sections and then use the Index and Search in that order.

Some details on report writing for Conflict Solver - this has been sadly missing for far to long.