View Full Version : Can we post a file to another server

07-01-2002, 08:59 AM
It is possible to send a file from my desktop to my server through the Live Update service ? For example if I am interested in some extra information about the program I have installed (the program settings, which component are installed for example). I would like to send these informations in a file to my webserver which will record them. I would like to use these informations on update because I should make update only for the installed components.


Chris Woerner
07-01-2002, 09:20 AM
While you cannot use the Update Service to transfer data from a user's PC to your webserver, the Update Service has a feature called conditional messages that allows you to send an update to a sub-set of your users.

It works like this..... you create an update. When you author the update message in the Publisher website, you add a condition. At runtime, the Update Service will evaluate the condition for each user. If the condition is true, the user is allowed to get the update. If the condition is not true, the user never even sees the update. It is kind of like setting an "IF" statement for the update.

Conditions can be set on file versions, file timestamps, registry setting and patches installed. To see this feature, create a new update message. One of the steps in creating a message is to set these conditions.