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06-21-2002, 06:18 AM
I am new to AdminStudio, I have to repack existing packages or softwares using Repackager(Admin Studio) into an msi. my Application's destination folder is program files , this application has some database files(mdb). I want to give permissions(even write) to all the users who uses the machine.As program files does not give WRITE/FULL permissions to all the users who log on to
the machine, only administrator and user who installed that application is able to use the application.

I want to give FULL/WRITE permissions to the application folder which is in program files to all the users who log in. i am not able to set this option.I want to give the application folder FULL/WRITE permission, how do I do it.

I have tried all default options in admin studio Author (like userpermissions set to AllUsers etc) but it is giving just read permissions to all users other than the administrator and the user who installed it.

Other users are not able to use the application as it has database files(mdb) which are to be opened in write mode when we use the application.They need WRITE permission to use it.

PLEASE HELP me out with this as soon as possible.

thnx in advance,

06-21-2002, 02:01 PM
To open up folder permissions to users, you can use LockPermissions table. Refer to IS KB article Q105891 for more details.