View Full Version : *.INC files - Can I set file paths to ".." etc ?

Sonic Scripter
06-13-2002, 12:53 PM
Please stick with me on this one, providing as much info as possible in hope of some assistance.

I am using repackager for several installation captures at the moment. Scenario is as below:

I use a bare/clean pc and launch Repackager from my Admin PC across the Network.

I install the app and capture the installation, storing it in a share on the Admin PC.

** I then have to modify the ".inc" file to change the file paths to the correct drive letter etc on my Admin PC**

I then package up the installation on my Admin PC and produce the release etc.

I distribute the package to our primary build server and all is OK !

However, I now want to store my source code on our development build server so that future repackaging can be done.

** HOWEVER, once I store this on the server, the file paths are all wrong again for the next person that checks the project out for modification **

Q. Does anyone know if you can use some variable or ".." or "\" in the inc file so that wherever you open the "inc" file from is where the top level directory starts for file paths etc.... ????


directory is c:\fred
inc file is c:\fred\starthere.inc
files are in c:\fred\files
example file c:\fred\files\firstfile.txt

I want the INC file to reflect that the example file is located at:


Help please ????