View Full Version : Problem in Activating a Custom Action

06-06-2002, 02:43 AM
I ran into problems trying to activate a custom action and need your advice.

The environment: InstallShield Express, version 3.53, evaluation mode, Windows 2000 pro.

The batch file renames volume C:, and here it is:
@echo off
label SOL
echo on
When activating the batch file (by double-clicking on it) it works.

The custom action properties are:
Source location: browse file system
File name: C:\WINNT\Syatem32\cmd.exe
Command line: cmd /c [INSTALLDIR]\renvol.bat
Invoke: after Setup CompleteSuccess dialog
Wait for action: yes
Run once: yes
Execure: during install
Ignore exit code: yes
Comments: <none>

The row in the customAction table is:
Action: renVolumeBatch
Type: 66
Target: cmd /c [INSTALLDIR]\renamevol.bat

I also tried to activate a VB exe file that does the same (by calling SetVolumeLabel API). It was not activated (judging by message boxes that did not appear).

When I replaced the custom action with one that activates Notepad, it did open Notepad.

Any ideas?