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06-05-2002, 07:42 AM
Hello, I am new to this forum and just picked up AdminStudio recently for a very rapid development project. This means, unfortunately that I don't have the luxory to play around a lot before we package up our suite and ship it off.
That said, my problem lies with several issues, firstly how to specify the source drive as a variable to pass to a *.cmd file. These CMD files are currently used for installing and configuring various elements of the suite, to include installing third party programs. (this is more of an integration effort than a purely development one). I must call the cmd like this:
install.cmd x:
where 'x' is the source drive. I cannot use the entire source PATH, as the cmd script is currently hard coded with the drive paths, but only needs the actual drive designation itself.
I have noticed from other posts that this might be a troublesome issue, should I just scrap using installshield at this time and stick to VBscripts and batch command scripts?
My second problem is that one of the third party programs (an MSI installed product) requires WIN2000 Server with IIS and SQL Client installed. I am developing this on a plain win2k pro box... do I need to actually move my development to the server? What I need is to discover the command line params of the MSI in order to 'answer' the questions during install. I logged (using verbose all) the MSI runs, but there does not seem to be certain fields/variables that I remember filling in on the manual install previously (on the server of course :)
Does Admin Studio contain a tool that can mimic other OS's and setups? (like a virtual virtual machine I guess...)

Also, I am editing several scripts (VBS and CMD) using Install script to substitute in variables setup on intro dialogues. I have not put in the variables yet, only hard coded values, but I am starting the variables today. Since I have never used Install Script, how do I call the variables? (with a '$' ?) And what is the escape character.
Sorry if this is already in the help, I have been looking for so much and digging for the correct symantics for each of my queries that I am out of time now. Plus the 'tutorial' is not working for some reason.
Thank you for any assistance in this rapid, dropped on my lap project :)

06-05-2002, 10:35 AM
I don't want to sound impatient or anything, but considering the timeline I have, I really need help. If anyone could just PLEASE respond with links, advice, etc. I am totally in the dark and working only part time on this (I have many tasks currently) and cannot spend weeks scouring through help files and forums so thought this was the best way to go.
Again, any help is GREATLY appreciated.
Thank you