View Full Version : Porblem while uninstalling keys and entries

05-30-2002, 12:28 AM

I am trying to create and set registry keys thro' installshield. The problem is if I create keys by modifying setup.rul file then Installshield installs the keys properly but when I uninstall, the keys are not removed. But when I create keys by manually entering the values by clicking on Resources then the keys are installed/uninstalled properly. What could be the reason ?

Similarly, I am trying to add a line in system.ini file of
windows 98. I have added the command

AddProfString ("C:\\windows\\system.ini", "Drivers", "device", "D:\\98ddk\\src\\filemon\\exe\\debug\\filevxd.vxd");

to setup.rul file. The entry is made properly but after uninstalling, the entry is not removed from system.ini file. I have gone thro' the help many times but I have not seen any information on why this happens or how this can be avoided.