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05-24-2002, 08:00 PM
From one demo I want to call another Demo.

The demo I want to call is located at C:\demo\rundemo.exe to the dbd file is C:\demo\demo.dbd

I am a little confused as to what I am supposed to put in the "Demo name" field as if I put the path to the demo .dbd file it works on my PC that I develop in, but not on a PC without DS installed?

Thanks for any help,

05-28-2002, 11:18 AM
I notice that the demo you are looking to launch from the main demo is listed in executable format. Is this demo built as a single exectuable?

The Launch Demo action is looking to launch another .dbd file. What this does is, when the Launch Demo action is executed, DemoShield will temporarily close the demo that is currently running and then open the secondary demo using the DemoShield Player (demo32.exe) that is already open. Therefore, when you close out of the secondary demo, you can have an option to return back to the main demo.

If you launch a single executable of another demo from the main demo, this will force the DemoShield Player that is already running to close.

If you want to launch the secondary demo in .dbd format, you can do so by specifying a relative path based on the location of the DS Player. Therefore, if your directory structure looks like this:

- Bin
- demo.dbd
- demo32.exe
- rundemo.dbd

Then the path specified in the Launch Demo action would look like this: <path>rundemo.dbd<path>

The Path Tokens (<path>) tell DemoShield to go to the location where the DemoShield Player is running from and then find the file based on the path specified.

If you want to launch the secondary demo in single exe format, you would need to use a Launch Application action. The same path can be used based on the same directory structure from above. the only difference is that a .exe file is being launched instead of a .dbd. (<path>rundemo.exe<path>)

I hope this helps.