View Full Version : Exporting Demo text for review/editing/narration script?

05-16-2002, 11:22 AM
Is there a way to export the text of a demo into something someone could read for editing purpose or use as a script for narration?

I know there is a "File" -> "Demo Text" -> "Export" option, but this does not seem to do what I would expect it too.

I need a way to export the text into a "per scene" section so that another person can review/edit the text or use it as a script for narration without me printing out scene preview reports for the entire demo or giving them the demo to watch.


05-16-2002, 12:08 PM
The File menu | Demo Text | Export option is intended to be used in conjunction with localizing a demo for other languages. However, if you are using DemoShield 7.0x, the text is now exported in .txt format and organized by scene name and object name. It should look something like this:

[ENU.Launch Application]
Caption=DemoShield Demo
Insert Disk Message=The '%s' application could not be located.
Insert Disk Instructions=Please insert the next disk and press OK to continue.
Browse Message=The '%s' application could not be located.
Browse Instructions=Please browse for the application you want to launch.

[ENU.Main menu.T Title]
Data=Your Title
Font=Comic Sans MS
Point Size=22

[ENU.Main menu.QB Install Products]
Data=Install Products
Font=Comic Sans MS
Point Size=12

Unfortunately, the only other way to distribute the text to another user would be to use the Print option and print out the scenes for review.

I hope this helps.