View Full Version : DemoX Webserver URL change?

05-09-2002, 01:53 PM
When I built the DemoX build it asked for a Web Server URL so I gave it a directory name instead of a page. I am guessing it needs the htm page as wel for a complete URL.

When I change this and build it again what file(s) get updated so I do not need to upload the entire demo to my website?


05-10-2002, 08:26 AM
When generating a new build for your DemoNow or DemoX distribution, we highly recommend uploading the entire build of your DemoX distribution to a clean directory on the server. The reason for this is, information pertaining to each of the .res and .sce files for your build is kept in the .dx70. If you have a build already uploaded to the server, you may want to consider removing all the files and then uploading the new build.

I hope this helps.