View Full Version : Playing, skipping, pausing and resuming multiple avi files

05-08-2002, 11:22 PM
I would like to play multiple avi files in a scene. They will be played consecutively. I would like to use Buttons to pause and resume, skip to the next avi file, or skip back to the previous avi file without leaving the scene. Is this possible?

05-09-2002, 08:51 AM
You can play multiple AVI files in a single scene, one after the other. However, to be able to Pause, Resume, Stop, Skip to next video, and Go Back to previous video, it would be easier to set this up using multiple scenes that are duplicates of each other.

If you are interested in setting up your videos in separate scenes, you can do so by placing a Streaming Media Object in each scene to play the AVIs. To Pause and Resume the video playback, you can create buttons in your scene with a Set Streaming Media State action to Pause and Resume. Then to set up a button to skip to the next video, simply use a Go To Scene action and take the user to the scene with the next video. This is the same for the Skip Back to Previous video. If you want another video to automatically start playing after a previous video finishes, you can assign an After action within the Streaming Media Object to Go To Start Time of Object and take the demo to the Start Time of the next Streaming Media Object. Since the scenes will be duplicates of each other, the user will not know they are being taken to a different scene for each video.

If you want to keep all videos in the same scene, I would still recommend using the Streaming Media Object. Using the before and after actions in the Streaming Media Object you can assign actions to occur Before the video starts playing (for example, Set Streaming Media State to Stop to ensure the previous video has stopped) and After (for example, Go To Start Time of Object and go to the start time of the next Streaming Media Object). To be able to skip from one video to another or go back to a previous video, you will need to use Jumpmarks. Using two buttons in your scene you can assign a Go To Next Jumpmark and Go To Previous Jumpmark action to skip forward and go back.

When using the Set Streaming Media State action you will need to assign a Streaming Media Object for the action. Therefore, since there will be multiple Streaming Media Objects in the scene, if you wish to Pause the video file, you would need to assign a Set Streaming Media State action for each Streaming Media Object in the scene to ensure the correct video file gets paused.

I hope this helps.