View Full Version : How to show message text when 'launch associated app' failed ?

05-06-2002, 08:25 AM
Want to set a messagebox when action 'launch associated app'
cannot find i.e. a ms-word-doc at a predefined position.

Couldn't found a way to do so.
Any idea ?


05-06-2002, 09:02 AM
Unfortunately, the Launch Associated Application action does not have an option to display a message if the file specific cannot be found.

Instead, if you are working with DemoShield 7.0x, you can use the File Existence Condition to check for the file before attempting to launch it. The following instructions will walk you through doing this:

First, create an Event object in your scene.

Open the properties to the Event Object and go the Object Styles tab.

Under the Conditions delete the Always Perform True actions.

Next, click on the New button to bring up the Condition Builder.

Select the File Existence condition from the Condition Type drop down.

Under Condition Description you should see the following:

If file <filler> exists then

Click on <filler>.

An edit field will appear below where you can enter a path to the file you are checking for. You can enter the same path that is specified in your Launch Associated Application action.

After you have entered the path to the file, click Apply to set the condition.

Click OK to close out of the Condition Builder.

Next, go to the Actions tab.

Under the True Actions, assign the action you want to occur if the file does exist in the path specified.

Under the False Actions, assign the action you want to occur if the file does not exist in the path specified. If you want a message to be displayed, you can use a Text Object and then use a Show action.

I hope this helps.

05-06-2002, 09:10 AM
Thank you for the fast reply.
But unfortunately I'm running 6.71.
Thanks anyway.