View Full Version : AdminStudio 3.0 Value Pack 1 now available

04-29-2002, 12:03 PM
What is a Value Pack?
Value Packs are part of an exciting new product update strategy for AdminStudio. Value Packs enable customers to gain access to critical features and functionality when they are developed and tested - without waiting for upgrade releases.

New Features in the AdminStudio 3.0 Value Pack 1

Grouping in ConflictSolver - Group the applications and base operating system image used by a particular location, department or workgroup within your company. This enables adminstrators to focus on the conflicts most likely to occur in their environment.
Application Isolation Wizard - Built-in depedency scanning enhances usability by suggesting files to
isolate. In addition, Windows 2000 and 98/ME can now be target platforms for your isolated applications.

Additional Information
The Value Pack is available to all existing AdminStudio 3 customers, at no charge, directly from within the product. Simply click “Check for Updates” option under the Help menu and download the 6.5 MB patch. Installed Value Packs will show up in the Help -> About AdminStudio dialog.