View Full Version : Error 3204 when building

Gilles Laurent
04-29-2002, 04:06 AM

I'm building a package with Author and get the following error message :

Error 3204: Cannot extract icon with index 0 from file
...tuxcmr.exe for icon tuxcmr_1.exe

I can't find a reference to tuxcmr_1.exe in my project ??

The icon exists and is visible with Author in the field "icon file"
I can open the resource file in VC without problem

I try to remove and create the icon again .. same problem ..
I try to create an icon from another file (i.e. shell32.dll) .. Build OK ..

tuxcmr.exe is a 16bits executable

AdminStudio 3.0 + patch 3.01
NT4 SP6a


06-22-2002, 02:58 AM
Author seems to have an issue extracting icon from a 16-bit executable. I am not sure if it is a limitation of Author or MSI.

Here is a workaround. You can use an icon extractor freeware to extract the icon from tuxcmr.exe, and use the extracted icon in Author.