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04-26-2002, 10:41 AM
I want to test my demo before burning it to CD. I don't understand these instructions from the help file.

To test your Demo off of a local hard drive, you will need to supply a direct DOS path to the DN67 file in order for the DemoNow control to locate the file correctly. This path must be specified in the VALUE= line of the <OBJECT> tag's <PARAM> line.

Where do I enter all this information? I opened the DN67 file, but I still am unsure of what I should do next. When I click the demo32.exe, it takes me back to a program folder containing the quick demo.

04-26-2002, 11:19 AM
If you are creating a CD Browser distribution, you can test the demo by going into the build folder and double-clicking on the Launch.exe. This will run the demo as it will appear when burned to a CD.

If you are building a DemoNow or DemoX distribution and would like to test it on your hard drive before uploading it to your server, I would suggest building a test directory for it and provide a path to your hard drive instead of the Internet URL you will be using when you have it on your web site.

You will need to put file:// before the path on your drive. For example, if you will be testing the files from C:\demo, the path you should put in the Internet URL will be file://C:\demo. You can then place the files created from the distribution in the C:\demo folder and test the demo there.

Then, when you are ready to upload the demo to your server, simply run through the Distribution Wizard again with the actual Internet URL that you will be using.

I find this approach much easier then going into the source code and changing paths.