View Full Version : DS 7.01 and Win2000

04-23-2002, 11:12 AM
I have a CD browser created from the DS 7 wizard that hangs at startup on Win2000. The same CD browser works (although a bit strangly) on XP, 95 & 98 but starts and hangs part way through initialization on 2000. On the other OS versions the player begins initialization, pauses for 5 or 6 seconds during startup (halting the effect timings etc. and messing that up) but eventually completes and runs correctly from that point on. On 2000 it does not seem to come out of this initialization hang.

It behaves this way if I simply start from the wizard, create a blank demo and then run it.

Any suggestions or can anyone help. I have a not very happy customer on the end of the line.